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        Much of the charm of each gift is his personality. Make your gift unique, with your emotions in it.

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        Give a cartoon as a surprise gift!

        How to order?

        Send us a clear picture in electronic format.
        Describe the person to whom it is addressed - work, hobbies, interesting activities, favorite subjects, typical clothing, special place.
        Write your idea of a cartoon picture and send email to the gallery.

        What you will get:

        Portrait, but not grotesque caricature, cartoon.
        Duration of reception: from 3 to 7 days.
        Technique: watercolor and mixed technique

        How much:

        Depending on the shape and the number of persons on your photo:

        Format 35 x 50 cm:

        one person - 90 leva
        two persons - 160 leva

        Format 40 x 50 cm:

        three persons -210 leva
        four persons - 260 leva

        Format 50 x 60 cm:

        five persons - 350 leva
        six persons - 400 leva

        Another format or more persons - negotiable.



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