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        Time and method of delivery

        When you purchase a product, delivery takes place with the courier service or by an officer of the company Maestro Gallery LTD.

        Within Sofia the delivery is free.

        When buying a product worth over BGN 100., For delivery within the country, it is at the expense of the Maestro Gallery LTD. When you purchase a piece of value under 100 BGN., It is at the expense ma buyer.

        When buying a product and delivery outside the country, the buyer preliminary agreed terms and time of delivery with Maestro Gallery at the contacts on the site.

        Commissioned work is delivered properly packed according to its type and the transport used for delivery. When you purchase a product delivery within Sofia, the period is from 1 to 2 working days. Upon delivery outside Sofia and within the country, the time is 2 to 4 working days. If the buyer is willing to supply emergency, it should be agreed in advance with Maestro Gallery Ltd at the contacts on the site.

        At the request of the buyer, the product can be packed with gift packages offered by Maestro Gallery LTD. This service is free. Packaging of sculpture is subject to prior arrangement with Maestro Gallery Ltd at the contacts on the site.

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